In the enterprise founded by our own hometown people, employees are regarded as the most valuable asset, employees also regard themselves as masters


Heyuan New Baoliya Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.is located in Shenzhen Nanshan (Longchuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Dengyun Town, Longchuan County, Heyuan, Guangdong, which Is a manufacturer that produces acrylic solid surface, quartz stone and other composite materials.It is one of the largest companies to enter the artificial stone industry and the earliest introduction of quartz stone slabs  production.The production base is covers more than 70,000 square meters. It produces 60,000 pieces of quartz stone and 40,000 pieces acrylic solid surface.The most special is that this company has been established for more than 20 years.

Enterprises regard employees as the most valuable asset and attract many rural people to return hometown to work.

Heyuan New Baoliya Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Baoliya Composite Materials Co., Ltd which was built in Shenzhen Nanshan (Longchuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park since 2012,Guangzhou Baoliya Composites Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1998, the parent company, was one of the first companies to enter the artificial stone industry and was the first to introduce quartz stone slabs.It is a specialized and modern enterprise group involving R & D, production, sales and service in products involving solid surface, quartz stone, acrylic solid surface basin, PVC composite sheet and other products.

Baoliya Enterprise has always been adhering to the enterprise tenet of “honesty, diligence, and innovation”. With the management philosophy of “every household is a model and a good reputation of every family”, we have built a lean, efficient, dedicated, and innovative corporate culture. The united workforce has infused lasting momentum for the development of the company through innovative technologies, advanced equipment, optimized processes and strict quality inspections.

The current production line owned by the company is a domestic first-class production line and is currently one of the only three in the country. In 2006 and 2007, the company was ranked as one of the top ten companies in the country. Reliable quality, high-quality service, and honest operation have brought together the company's valuable character and spirit, won the consumer's reputation and reputation, and established its rightful place in the industry. It has developed into a strong brand in China's artificial stone industry. It will surely become the most humanistic conscience brand in China's artificial stone industry and continue to write more brilliant chapters.

Heyuan Xinbaoliya Decoration Material Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Yong:

I was born in Chetian Township, Longchuan. After more than ten years of hard work in Guangzhou, under the care and support of the county party committee and county government, I returned to Longchuan in 2012 and invested in the business in my hometown. I hope to build a factory and return my hometown to my hometown. Development gives up its own meager power.

People are the company's most valuable asset and the company's most potential capital. In the face of an increasingly mature market, the competition between enterprises has finally become a confrontation of human resources. Baoliya always condenses people with company culture, unites people with common goals to encourage rewards and punishments, cultivates people, encourages people to love each other, and builds a contingent, dedicated, and team-conscious workforce.

I think the investment environment in Longchuan is very good. We are also prepared to increase investment and increase the construction in the second factory. After hoping to introduce high-quality talents, we will push the company to take the road of international brands and make Polaroid products. Leading the industry, go abroad and go global.

Heyuan Xinbaoliya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager Huang Xia:

He worked for a listed circuit board company in Shenzhen for 10 years. Since he is responsible for international sales, he travels frequently to various countries and learns Korean and Portuguese languages. Knowledgeable in many languages, there is a great future for listed companies. However, in order to follow her husband's return to her hometown and start a new life for the sake of a family reunion, she gave up her salary and returned home. I came home to help my lover start a business. After about two years of development, the company of the lover has been working very well. In order to get rid of the traditional husband-and-wife model of business, I chose to leave my company. Leaving the lover’s company, when she was about to reopen a new career journey, she was given the opportunity of coincidence and she was appreciated by Zhang Yong, president of Heyuan City Xinbaoliya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

By chance, I went to Paula to find classmates and retired. At that time, I met Zhang Zong and Zhang Zong. He was very easy-going. After learning about my work experience and the status quo, he invited me to join Polaroid very sincerely. This is a company founded by "self-owned family". It is more intimate and I came to work here. Working in a “self-owned” company, and at the same time the company’s “people consider employees as the most valuable asset”, people-oriented work atmosphere makes Huang Xia feel warm. The concept of the company facing difficulties, surpassing oneself, and pursuing excellence has given her the impetus for development. In her work, she gave full play to her proficiency in foreign languages, combined her rich work experience, infecting partners with her charisma, and establishing a good relationship of trust with her cooperative enterprises. She further promoted the company, promoted products, and helped the company grow stronger and bigger. .

Through contacts with successful people, the pattern and thinking patterns from which they are engaged can lead me to expand and expand my own thinking, expand my life style and self-improvement, continue to serve Polaroid, and grow with the company.

Polaroid Cooperating Foreign Party (Translation):

We cooperated with about 7 factories in 8 years. We started our cooperation with Polaroid 1 year ago. Polaria proved that it is a competent and qualified man-made stone manufacturer. I am very satisfied with us. The current cooperation and creative achievements.

Heyuan Xinbaoliya Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

It is a platform for each employee to achieve greater self-worth.

It is a "battlefield" where people with lofty ideals are enthusiastic about the new journey!