Polaroid Debuts at the 17th Guangzhou Construction Fair


Guangzhou Baoliya Composite Material Co., Ltd. was established in March 1998 and is one of the pioneers in the domestic artificial stone industry. When man-made stone came into China in the 1990s, only imported DuPont products on the market not only failed to meet domestic demand, but also had a high price for the country's consumption. Therefore, it has been difficult to truly promote At that time, domestic countertop materials could only use natural stone, wood, stainless steel, and even ceramic panels. Such good new materials as artificial stone did not really serve the people of the country.

From the second half of the 1990s, people of insight in the country began to realize the prospect of this new type of material, and let Chinese people also enjoy the convenience and comfort of life brought about by this new type of polymer material. Mr. Zhang Yong, the founder of Baoliya Composite Materials Co., Ltd., is one of the pioneers.

From the imitation of foreign products, to the introduction of foreign production technology, the final combination of domestic spending power and market conditions to innovate products suitable for the domestic market, Polaroid company has invested huge human and material resources. The early artificial stone products have foreign technical standards for reference, so the detours are relatively few. However, starting in 2007, Polaroid began to introduce artificial quartz stone, a new product at the time.

Although artificial stone has many advantages mentioned above, but due to the limitations of its physical properties, the surface hardness is not enough, and the domestic diet is completely different from the Western, and the corresponding use of the table is also completely different, relatively speaking, The domestic use of countertops is rather crude. For example, in cutting food, our kitchens often face bones. It is common to cut axe, and high-temperature cooking is commonplace. In western kitchens, it is rare. See this type of situation. Therefore, artificial stone solid surface materials that have been widely used in the West have encountered intractable problems in China. In the nine years from 1998 to 2007, the artificial stone market was actually in a period of development in China. It has not been accepted on a large scale, and the use of such countertop materials is often relatively high-end private houses and high-end There are relatively few opportunities to use the kitchen in the place. The above-mentioned operations have never really paid attention to the influence of artificial stone solid surface materials.

However, starting from around 2007, with the increase in the number of manufacturers, the increase in production, and the improvement of supporting industries, the production costs began to decline, and the prices also began to decrease. Artificial stones began to enter the ordinary family. These drawbacks It slowly began to appear and was valued. In order to solve these problems, starting in 2007, Polaroid and other old factories in the same industry began to research and develop quartz stones. The hardness of quartz stone can be similar to that of natural stone, but the color and other aspects are more abundant, and it is non-toxic and non-radiative. Once launched, it is immediately welcomed by the market. But the initial big

The family is in the exploratory stage, has taken many detours, and has had a lot of problems in quality. Soon after, Polaroid began investing heavily in the production of presses and new types of polishing equipment. It has no experience at all. With reference to the situation, we have first perfected production equipment and technology, produced qualified products, and gained a firm foothold in the market with excellent quality and after-sales service.